Discover True Healing for Your Physical and Emotional Distress.

Experience relief that touches all levels of your being: physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual.

If you’re eager to get to the root of your blocks and finally resolve them, real solutions are possible.

Healing voice and Uzazu Embodiment work can help you if:

  • You feel stuck in a pattern of constant stress and tension, and wish you could magically make things better
  • You’ve tried various kinds of healing, but the results haven’t lasted
  • You’re curious about vibrational, energetic, and embodiment therapies, and are ready to try something new

I can help you find a new awareness of what you’re struggling with. I offer a powerful combination of healing voice, embodiment, and integrated energy modalities, with transformational practices in breathing, chant, and self-exploration. I also give you tools to integrate into your daily life for empowerment and lasting change.

Voice Work

Discover the power of your voice for enhancing your healing process and cultivating physical, emotional and energetic self-awareness. I offer guidance for exploring the many qualities of your authentic voice, for self-expression and healthy embodiment.

Embodiment Work

Experience the power of Uzazu Embodied Intelligence to help you deepen and enhance your self-awareness on all levels, and transform how you relate to life. Uzazu offers a way to explore often-unconscious patterns and motivations in the body-mind system, using body postures, movements, and states that reflect the way we relate to various aspects of life. We all develop different ways of navigating life’s challenges, which can sometimes cause imbalances in our system. Uzazu can help shift these imbalances, transforming how you relate to yourself, your relationships, your emotions, your life patterns, and traumas.

Ways to Get Started

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Read about my healing philosophy here.


Read about my healing philosophy here.


Get my free 3-part series of articles, “Getting Started With Your Own Healing Voice Practice.”


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