Discover True Healing for Your Physical and Emotional Distress.

Experience relief that touches all levels of your being: physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual.

If you’re eager to get to the root of your blocks and finally resolve them, real solutions are possible.

Energy and sound healing can help you if:

  • You feel stuck in a pattern of constant stress and tension, and wish you could magically make things better
  • You’ve had various treatments, but the results haven’t lasted
  • You’re curious about alternative therapies and are ready to try something new

I can help you find a new awareness of what you’re struggling with. I offer a powerful combination of energy and sound healing modalities, along with transformational practices in chant, meditation, and self-exploration. I also give you tools to integrate into your daily life for empowerment and lasting change.

  • “Skeptical” may be the best word I can think of to describe my initial reaction when Susan Israel Bensen described her bodywork treatments to me. Now, however, I’m a believer. The day after my first session with Susan, I went for my usual morning run and noticed something I hadn’t felt in a long time: no pain in my knees! I kept running that day, thinking that if I put in a longer run, the pain would eventually return. It didn’t. And now, as I sit here several days later, I still don’t feel the pain in my knees. Susan's bodywork treatment is quite remarkable. I’d highly suggest you give Susan’s work a try. I think you’ll notice a difference in your overall well-being that will make you want to return to Susan on a regular schedule.

    Jerri Balsam
Voice Work

Discover the power of your voice for enhancing your healing process and cultivating physical, emotional and energetic self-awareness. I offer guidance for exploring the many qualities of your authentic voice, for self-expression and healthy embodiment.

Sound Healing

Sound and voice are magical in their power to shift and release energetic blocks that create pain and tension. I use an array of vibrational sound tools to relieve a broad range of physical and emotional difficulties.

Energy Healing

Gentle hands-on energy work can ease physical and emotional tensions and blockages to restore the natural flow of energy that keeps you healthy. My approach promotes relaxation by alleviating stress and encouraging emotional release and balance.

Ways to Get Started

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Read about my healing philosophy here.


Read about my healing philosophy here.


Get my free 3-part series of articles, “Getting Started With Your Own Healing Voice Practice.”


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