About Susan

Like many of you, I’ve explored numerous healing modalities through the years for my personal and physical concerns. Although some have been very powerful, I’ve often been left feeling incomplete. If you’ve experienced this pattern too, you know how frustrating it can be.

Today, my joy is helping clients find relief through healing voice, embodiment and subtle energy practices. What’s helped me most is what I bring to you.
How did I get here? I have a lifelong passion for music, sound and voice. My parents used the Brahms Symphony #3 to calm me down when I was a toddler…and I still love that symphony!

After earning a degree in music performance, I went on to careers in music production for HBO and as an on-air host and music programmer for Montana Public Radio. Early in life, I became aware of a calling to use my musical gifts to help others. When the stress of my corporate position resulted in some severe health problems, I was moved to learn about the healing power of energy and sound. This new path not only saved my life and health, but also ignited my passion for voice, vibrational, energetic, and spiritual healing work.

In recent years, I’ve discovered the power of somatic modalities. For a long time, I was searching for a framework to ground and integrate with my healing voice and energetic work. I found that in Uzazu Embodied Intelligence. Uzazu is a powerful modality that uses a system of body postures, movements, and states to enhance your self-awareness on all levels, and empowers you to relate to your life and relationships in a healthier and more flowing way. It integrates beautifully with healing voice work. Having worked with it personally, I can attest to its transformational power. (Read more about UZAZU here).

My work now incorporates healing voice, embodiment, breathing, and subtle energy practices, with a focus on enhancing self-awareness and transformation on all levels of one’s being.

For over thirty years, I’ve learned and practiced these approaches. I’ve studied with some of the world’s most influential healers, and immersed myself in powerful spiritual practices and transformational training.

I have always felt called to explore all that is subtle and invisible… all of the forces in our energetic fields that provide our life force and keep us connected with each other. There’s a larger intelligence to the universe, and love and support that is always there for us. I’m inspired to tap into this wisdom for the healing of others and myself. Healing voice, embodiment, and energetic healing practices have worked for me in life-changing ways. They can also help you feel more empowered over your life and health.

  • It is difficult to find words to speak to what I experienced in my first treatment. Physically, you gave me greater mobility in my neck than a combination of practitioners have managed in nearly six months; and, the noise in my ears is reduced significantly. These are the easy things to name – before and after. The feeling of bliss I experienced is much more difficult. Relaxed, contented, limber, happy; how do I describe the way I felt boneless and yet substantial? Add understood, heard and nurtured. I wanted you to go on and on with all the different talents you brought. I felt that you treated me as an individual; that you dovetailed all of your many skills into the perfect blend for me. Thanks Susan.

    Kate Hall-Merenda, MBA Integral Master Coach™

Healing and Embodiment Training

  • Certified Practitioner, Uzazu Embodied Intelligence, 2021
  • Certified Naked Voice Facilitator, Chloe Goodchild, 2020
  • Reiki Master, Inner Peace Reiki, Neil Chaput de Saintonge, 2014
  • Certified Cross-cultural Music in Healing Practitioner (CCMHP), Open Ear Center, Pat Moffitt Cook, 2005
  • TRM (Trauma Resiliency Model) Level 1, Missoula, Montana, 2016
  • Training in BodyTalk, Missoula, Montana, 2008 to 2012
  • Training in massage, Helena, Montana, 1994
  • Registered Polarity Practitioner, Polarity Center, New York City, 1992

Training in Healing Sound and Voice

  • Chloe Goodchild
  • Jill Purce
  • Pat Moffitt Cook
  • John Beaulieu
  • Silvia Nakkach
  • Jonathan Goldman
  • David Hykes

Spiritual and Transformational Trainings

  • Craig Hamilton – Evolutionary Life Transformation Program
  • Jeff Carreira – Opening to the Infinite (with Craig Hamilton)
  • Claire Zammitt and Katherine Woodward Thomas – Feminine Power and Living Your Destiny programs
  • Thomas Hübl
  • Bari Tessler Linden, Art of Money Program

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