An Introduction to the Healing Power of Sound and Voice

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Join me for this introductory workshop that explores the power of your voice for healing. Within each of us is a powerful tool for our health and wellness – our own voice.

Everything in the universe is sound, including our physical and emotional bodies and spiritual selves. We all have different qualities of energy flowing through and around us, and these energies are vibratory. Throughout life, our health is affected by such factors as our experiences, our environments and our relationships with family and friends. As we respond to life’s pressures, we can become blocked in some part of our energetic system, which can lead to pain, disease, imbalance or an emotional issue. In sound healing terms, this means that the blocked part of us is vibrating in an unhealthy way.

Sound is a powerful tool for becoming more aware of our bodies, minds, and emotions, and for unwinding contracted energies with vibration. It can also help us with grounding and resilience in the face of daily life stresses. We can use our own voices to bring a natural and healthy vibration to our bodies and emotions. We can practice simple voice exercises to begin to be more aware of the blocked and painful areas in our bodies, and the emotions within and surrounding them. As we cultivate a practice of this kind of awareness, we can begin to tune into the kinds of sound, vibration, and music that will help us heal. This can be very empowering, as we begin to feel a sense of our own ability to heal.

In this workshop, we’ll do some basic meditation, chant and toning practices that you can begin to use in class and at home, to cultivate awareness, relaxation and good health. We’ll have time to sense and explore the subtle physical and emotional effects of vibration from our voices. I’ll share some of the basic history and theory behind the use of sound and vibration for healing, and talk about the physical effects of sound, voice and vibration on the brain, body and consciousness.

This will be a three-hour introduction, with an option to join my upcoming six-week class series. I hope you’ll join me for this fascinating and very healing class!

Day and time: Saturday, February 24th, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
Cost: $40

This will be a small class, with a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 8.

If you pay in advance, I am happy to give refunds up to 24 hours before the day of the class.

To sign up or find out more,  call 406-219-5273.