Individual Healing Voice and Uzazu Embodiment Sessions

I offer a unique combination of healing voice, embodiment, and energetic healing practices, each of which has a unique way of promoting overall balance, tension and stress reduction, and emotional health. Together, they’re powerfully transformational. I often use a blend of these in a single session, tailored to your individual healing process. Depending on your needs, sessions may be solely focused on healing voice, energetic and breathing practices, Uzazu Embodied Intelligence, or a combination of these.


75 Minutes:  $90

If you have found me through Chloe Goodchild’s Naked Voice website my prices are different. Please contact me here to find out about specific prices for “Voiceline” sessions.

  • My session with Susan was wonderful. For sure I left the session very calm and relaxed. More than that though I appreciated Susan's skill at identifying and recognizing my body's needs. She gently and quickly located the sources of my stresses and strains and worked confidently to soften and release them. Susan took feedback not only from my body but also attended to my verbal and more subtle reactions, "listening" carefully to all aspects of what was going on with me throughout the session. I would definitely refer others to work with Susan.

    Dana Eisenberg

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Sound Healing

Sound and vibration have great healing power. Everything in the universe is sound, has a vibration and has rhythm, including us!  And this means that nothing is fixed or stuck. Our lives can be changed and shifted, beginning with our physical and emotional blockages and imbalances. We can use sound in its various forms to shift and heal a broad range of physical and emotional issues.

I use various forms of sound and voice in my healing repertoire to help you shift, heal and find relief from all kinds of physical and emotional issues and life patterns. These sound tools help to unblock pain and tension, and bring your entire system back into energetic flow and balance.

Sound can affect all parts of us – our brain waves, breathing, heart rate, nervous system, moods, pain and tension. So the healing is broad and deep, even for issues you’ve thought might be stuck forever!

Experience how tuning forks, crystal singing bowls, recorded sounds and the power of your own voice create vibrations that calm, soothe and promote your overall health. These can be combined with hands-on energy work, or be used on their own.

Transformational Voice Work

In a one-on-one setting, I’ll teach you to use the power of your voice for your own healing and to cultivate self-awareness on all levels. You’ll learn some toning and chant practices that you can use at home as part of a daily healing and/or spiritual practice. These transformational voice exercises can help you to shift age-old unhealthy patterns on a deep level.

As a certified Naked Voice practitioner, I’ll guide you in exploring all of the subtle aspects of your fully-embodied, authentic voice. This process can help you express yourself and your truth more fully, without self-consciousness. Integrating practices of silence and stillness, breathing, compassionate listening, subtle movement and body awareness, you’ll discover a fullness of being you’ve never experienced before.

Energy Healing

My healing practice includes a blend of energy healing modalities drawn from my twenty-five years of training and practice. My skills as a Reiki Master are interwoven with other energetic, vibrational and wisdom approaches.

We all are made up of energy that flows and vibrates. We have an energy field around us and channels of energy flowing through us. A healthy flow and balance of these energies are essential for our health. The stresses and tensions of life contribute to blocks and imbalances in the flow of these energies. Gentle hands-on energy work can help to ease physical and emotional tensions and blockages.

Reiki and other energy healing methods use light and gentle touch to open and shift the body’s energy blockages and restore its natural balance and flow. This gentle type of healing is deceptively powerful in promoting relaxation, helping to release stress, tension and pain and encouraging emotional release and balance.

Group Programs

I also teach the basics of healing with sound and voice in a small group format. Learn to use the power of your own voice to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. The basics of vocal toning and chant are taught, along with some basic breathing and meditation techniques, to empower you in caring for your own health. I include an array of self-healing and meditative sound techniques that you can use at home as part of your daily practice. I also teach classes in the use of sound and vibration for healing, for both healers and non-practitioners alike.

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